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Events 2016

Events in Brela

  • 16 July – Feast day of Our Lady of Carmel. On this day, mass is served and popular festivities are held, including donkey races, music programs, live music, fireworks and many other events. Many famous Croatian musicians perform on the stage in front of the Bluesun Soline Hotel.

  • 3 August – The Brela Municipality Day has been celebrated for years with performances by famous Croatian musicians

Events in Makarska

  • February 2011 – Marendin culinary competition, best dish to choose
  • 24 October – Makarska Day, a street fiesta with live music, street performers and many other festive events.

Events in Split

  • 7 May – the feast day of St Dominus is celebrated as the Day of the City of Split. The traditional procession through the town is followed by a festive atmosphere in the town and live music on the streets and city squares.
  • July/August – Split Summer Festival. The Split Summer Festival is a cultural event with a long tradition where visitors can enjoy renowned theatre, opera and ballet performances as well as classical music concerts.
  • August/September- Runjić Evenings. Probably the most famous entertainment music festival in Croatia and the region features some of the most famous Croatian musicians.
  • April – Boat Fair. The Boat Fair is held in Split every year in April. Each year, the Fair attracts many visitors and exhibitors. For a week, Split is a mecca for the most luxurious and breathtaking vessels.