Hotel architecture

Hotel architecture

Coordinated dialogue between the new and the old

The architecture of the Maestral Hotel is one of the classic works of 20th century Croatian architecture.
The Maestral Hotel was designed by the architect Ante Rožić and his associates Julije De Luca, Matija Salaj and Bernard Bernardi. The Hotel was built in 1965 in the specific spatial style of the Adriatic urban form, harmoniously combining contemporary and historical architectural trends.

The interior of the Maestral Hotel, which reflects functionality and standard, is the work of the Croatian architect Bernardo Bernardi.

The interior of the Bluesun Maestral Hotel is decorated with artwork by famous Croatian artists Edo Murtić and Vasko Lipovac. Some admirers occasionally visit the Hotel just to see them.

Students of architecture also often visit the Hotel during field trips.