Plitvice Lakes

Excursion to Plitvice Lakes

Situated in a thick forest, Plitvice Lakes are considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena
in the world. Sixteen lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls, cascade through picturesque surroundings.
Plitvice Lakes were declared a National Park in 1949, and since 1979, they have been on the UNESCO
List of World Natural Heritage.The park’s attractions of the Natural Park also include several caves and
a great variety of flora and fauna. A guided tour of the park lasts for about two and a half hours, including
both a boat ride and a walking tour.


Departure from the hotel according to the plan
06:30 A coach ride to NP Plitvice Lakes via highway with a short break
11:30 Exploring the National Park on foot, boat and train
15:30 Lunch
16:30 Return ride
21:30 Arrival to the hotel

For children under 4 years gratis.

Children 4-12 years – kids ticket

For more information ask on Bluesun Hotel reception.

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