Excursion to Dubrovnik

Izlet u Dubrovnik

This ancient city, encircled by its mighty walls and fortresses, looks like a precious jewel surrounded by sea on all sides. The city is also a treasure trove of wonderful architecture and works of art, carefully kept and preserved over centuries. Its picturesque palaces, old monasteries and churches, ancient libraries, treasuries and stone-paved streets and squares are just a part of what you can see and experience of the rich history of this city.


Departure from the hotel according to the plan
11:30 arrival to the Dubrovnik, sightseeing, free time
16:00 departure from Dubrovnik
19:30 arrival to hotel

For children under 4 years gratis.

Children 4-12 years – kids ticket

For more information ask on Bluesun Hotel reception.

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