Cultural sites in Brela

Cultural sites in Brela

Brela’s history stretches back two millennia, and the remains from that age bear witness to its roots, most notably a relief dating from the 2nd or 3rd century in Soline, representing Silvan, the Illyrian god.

Byzantine emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus mentioned Brela in a letter he wrote in the 10th century.

Today Brela is a modern tourist resort with a long tradition and is full of natural beauty.

The main patron of Brela is St Stephen, whose feast day is celebrated on 3 August.

The feast day of Our Lady of Carmel, celebrated on 16 July, is the most popular holiday in Brela. This day is marked by a liturgical celebration followed by a popular fiesta.

The Brela Summer of Culture offers guests a series of musical, culinary and cultural programs, i.e. concerts by famous Croatian musicians, fishermen’s nights, Dalmatian fiestas etc.

We recommend that you visit several smaller churches in Brela and the town’s surroundings:

  • Church of Our Lady of Carmel: baroque church dating from 1715, a symbol of gratitude for the victory over the Turkish army
  • Church of Our Lady of Health: dating from the 18th century
  • Church of St Elijah: dating from the 18th century, an example of simple rural architecture.