About Croatia

Croatia’s climate

Croatia has a Mediterranean and continental climate.
The continental climate is characterised by hot summers and cold winters, while the coastal Mediterranean climate has mild winters and dry summers.

Winter temperature:

-1 to 9°C in the continental zone,
-5 to 0°C in the mountainous area
5 to 10°C on the coast

Summer temperature:

22 to 26°C in the continental area
15 to 20°C in the mountainous region
26 to 30°C in the coastal region.





Total surface:

87,661 km2


Land surface:

56,594 km2

Territorial sea surface:

31,067 km2



1246 (66 of which are inhabited)


Coast length:

1778 km, 5835 km together with islands, islets and reefs.


Mining resources and natural derivatives:

oil, natural gas, coal, bauxite, calcium, natural asphalt, silicon, mica, salt.



Zagreb, population of 779,145


National currency:

Croatian Kuna (1 kuna = 100 lipa).

You can exchange foreign currency at the Bluesun Hotel foreign exchange office next to the reception area.