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Bluesun Academy

Bluesun Academy is much more than a training centre, Bluesun academy is the school of hospitality and expertise specialization, and the measures of success are employee motivation and guest satisfaction.

Stress is put on continuing education since only well educated staff can be prepared to embrace new challenges and to get involved in creation of new ideas.

Main activities of the Bluesun Academy are: specialized foreign language courses (adjusted to tourism employees), development of professional hotel skills, and development of management skills, and their main goal is to constantly develop and progress skills of all our employees – permanent and seasonal. In that manner, the service quality is growing and advancing, that is, guest satisfaction is continuously enlarging, which is our foremost goal and our Vision.

In order that our employees raise their individual working efficiency and satisfaction, Bluesun Academy enables the employees to continuously learn through these programs:
  • foreign language courses
  • development of professional hospitality skills
  • PC skills
  • expert seminars and trainings
  • management skills
  • wellness employees education

Development and progress of primarily young employees has a special importance within frames of Bluesun Academy activities where two programs are specially designated for these employees:
  • Internal traineeship
  • Mentor system
Common feature of both programs is that our permanent and experienced employees, who are also internal trainers and mentors, work with our young employees and help them in their professional and personal development.

Internal traineeship presents working within a group, while Mentorship presents individual work on professional and personal development.

Internal education has a significant role and is guided according to life-long learning principle. In this manner an efficient transfer of knowledge, from colleagues who have achieved results in a certain area, is enabled.

Under a motto “let’s learn from the best”, mentoring enables young employees, who are at the beginning of their work life, to learn from their experienced colleagues who possess great knowledge and will to transfer that knowledge to the next generation.

Employees who stand out with the quality of their work and job approach also have further possibilities of advancement, primarily through additional learning and accepting more complex and demanding positions.